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About Us

Our History

Our kiosks have helped our customers to decrease operating expenses

AllKiosk began in 2004 when founders George and Jennifer Graves recognized an opportunity to help utilities improve customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs. Since partnering with Salt River Project (SRP), AllKiosk has leveraged the expertise of GECO, its aerospace engineering parent company, to design and manufacture integrated bill payment terminals which support utilities payment infrastructure throughout the US.

Over a decade later—and after two generations of ruggedized builds—AllKiosk provides industry-leading products, market leadership, and field-proven deployments in high use areas. We’ve been able to help our customers leverage new, back-end integrated products and provide their customers with greater flexibility, security, and satisfaction.

Our kiosks have helped our customers to decrease operating expenses and arrears, recognize revenue upfront in near real-time, and give end-users unprecedented control and knowledge of their usage. As we continue to grow, AllKiosk remain steadfast in our commitment to providing quality custom kiosk solutions that help our customers meet their goals, and ongoing service and support for our customers.

AllKiosk is ISO 9001 certified.


AllKiosk seeks to empower our customers to expand services and improve the customer experience by using technology to enable unique service offerings unlike anything before it.