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It All Starts with You

AllKiosk is laser focused on helping you build your vision. The requirements that you give us is key, from listing out hardware requirements to even sketching out to us what your idea for the kiosk should look like, we will work with what you give us and provide you back with real solutions. We understand that not everyone interested in a kiosk is an expert in kiosks, and that is why we will work with you to do what is possible and keep your vision of what you’re trying to achieve.

Once we receive your requirements and vision, we will confirm with you the basic design from us. Considerations in the design might include:

  • Location (Indoors/Outdoors)
  • Cost considerations
  • Maintainability
  • ADA considerations

Component Selection

Once the kiosk concept has been approved by you, AllKiosk will selected the components for the design. For cost conscious customers, AllKiosk can provide several options and explain the trade-offs for each option. Depending on usage rate and location of the kiosk, AllKiosk can also make recommendations based on these factors so you know you’re getting the most value for your kiosk.

Mechanical Design

Once all the components are selected, AllKiosk will generate engineering drawings for the components used as well as decide placement of the components with Operations to ensure ease of maintenance. When engineering drawings are complete, AllKiosk will hold an internal design review to make sure all criteria set by customers are met and that it will pass any certification requested by the customer.

Software Design

If the customer chooses AllKiosk for software development, the customer may choose to provide a User Interface (UI) design to AllKiosk, or AllKiosk may propose a recommended UI for the customer as well based on our experience.


Once AllKiosk completes the design for hardware and software, a prototype kiosk is built for testing. This will include environmental testing, integration testing (software and hardware), stress/performance testing, backup/recovery testing, and finally user acceptance testing.


AllKiosk provides initial training on the software and hardware for all our customers free of charge and before the kiosk is deployed. We believe training is a key to a successful kiosk deployment as it minimizes end-user issues. Training can include videos, on-site, or documents provided to the customer.


AllKiosk will work with customers on the best way for deployment. For experienced customers, AllKiosk can ship the final product to customer for deployment by their own team. We also offer the ability to have our trained technicians to perform the installation as well as have a small team to be on-site to perform small trials before full-deployment to ensure the hardware and software design assumptions works in the real world scenario. This could be especially important for new and innovative kiosk concepts that customers might not be experienced with.

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