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Case Study

Public Utility Implements Fast and Convenient Payment Option

Salt River Project (SRP) is one of the largest public power utilities in the U.S. Serving central Arizona since 1903, SRP provides generation, transmission, distribution, metering, and billing services to more than one million customers in Arizona.

SRP strives to meet the needs of its utility customers by providing convenient, easy, flexible payment options. One such option is the M-Power Plan, a prepaid plan that allows customers to have more control of when they pay their bill. Customers can start service with SRP with no money down, and they can purchase power at kiosks conveniently located in grocery stores near their neighborhood.

Customers who participate in the M-Power plan rate it as one of the most satisfying experiences relative to other options available.



The Challenge

To carry out its M-Power program in the past, SRP used a combination of employee-managed pay centers and satellite, un-manned kiosks where customers could purchase power. More than 90% of all prepay transactions go through the kiosks, therefore SRP needed a more robust product to better handle seasonal volume variations and make it more convenient for customers. In addition, the utility wanted to lower transaction times, which were typically about two minutes. Feedback from customers revealed that the payment terminals weren’t conveniently located or easy to use.

Safety and security were also emerging concerns. As a result, the utility decided to seek out a local, Arizona-based engineering firm that could provide a kiosk solution that is both durable and deployable, and also equipped with GPS and other security features.


The Solution

SRP’s search for a kiosk payment solution provider led them to AllKiosk. AllKiosk specializes in providing large utility companies, like SRP, with complete solutions that are engineered to meet the utility’s specific needs. The teams at each company worked collaboratively to create a customized, yet deployable, solution.

SRP has been delighted with AllKiosk’s payment terminals because they are easy to use and highly durable—non-smashable and non-scratchable—to protect the aesthetic quality of the machines for years to come. AllKiosk was able to custom-build a product to SRP’s specifications, including adding branding to the external structure, as well as the user interface. To accommodate the utility’s growing non-English speaking customer base, Spanish language preferences were included in the design. The terminals constantly communicate with the utility’s back office, providing real-time revenue information and maintenance activities, thereby streamlining accounting and operations processes.


The Results

The most exciting benefits SRP has enjoyed, are the cost savings and positive customer feedback.

The cost to operate the new payment terminals is a mere fraction of what it cost to staff the utility’s retail business outlets, and transaction times have been cut in half—even during high volume times. Customer satisfaction scores remain in the low to mid 90% for the M-Power program.

The relationship between SRP and AllKiosk remains a mutually beneficial one, as AllKiosk continues to work closely with SRP to enhance its product and meet the growing needs of its business, and customers.

The most exciting benefits SRP has enjoyed, are the cost savings and positive customer feedback.