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Let us develop a kiosk solution tailored to your company needs

AllKiosk Goal

At AllKiosk, we are about doing all the things to help you and your business succeed. Using our expertise in kiosk design and integration, we can bring to you a complete solution that solves your problems. You might be here because you have a great idea for a self-service kiosk, or you might be here because your kiosks are constantly failing. Those are the types of reason why our company exists.


In a sea of self-service kiosks that all look the same, the issue we always see is the customer not getting the results they want. The self-service kiosks from the other companies are rebranded kiosks that are cheaply manufactured for general purposes. When we design a kiosk, there are multiple considerations we take into account before providing you with a solution so the kiosk you buy from us stays online.

Our Design Focus
When you work with us, you’re sure to get a product that you’re happy with, because we use hardware that is meant for your needs. Instead of having a kiosk that you have to constantly fix, you can use that time and attention on your end customers to help them be satisfy with the service you’re providing.


How easy is it to maintain or replace consumables so we can reduce downtime.


The location of the kiosk is important to accommodate for different conditions such as dust storms or humidity.


What type of traffic is the kiosk expected to receive.